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Scenic Solutions: Our Services


The products offered at Scenic fall into two categories: stock sheet goods, and custom and original work. From its extensive in-house selection of moulds, Scenic is able to provide a range of stock sheet finishes and textures ideal for covering large areas quickly. The paint-ready sheets, made of recycled material, are effective and cost-efficient. The online catalogue contains a full listing of all the stock sheets available.

If, however, Scenic doesn’t carry a mould suitable for a specific use or project, custom work can be commissioned. Scenic provides both design consultation and sculpts original moulds. With 30 years experience in the film, television and theatre industry, Scenic’s knowledge and expertise in plastics means no matter how complex or challenging a request is, an effective solution will be found. From elaborate spaceships, to intricate body amour, to period ceiling panels, whether made of thin plastic sheet, opaque, clear or coloured, urethane foam, silicone rubber or of sturdy fiberglass, Scenic can and has done it all.